Balik Tsar Nikolaj PREMIER 500 gr -17.64 oz . For me ,in the 5 best food product in the world . An inoubliable experience .

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The best smoked salmon ever made.

Balik Tsar Nikolaj  PREMIER 500 gr -17.64 oz   . For me ,in the 5 best food product in the world . An inoubliable experience .

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After merging the old and the new, the goal of both Balik Farm and Caviar House & Prunier was to restore their reputation for excellence again. Balik is proud to introduce a true masterpiece from its factory, the Tsar Nikolaj No 1 Fillet. For the record, Hans Gerd Kübel, founder of the Balik Farm in 1978, built his first oven with the collaboration and expert advice of Israel Kaplan, grandson of the last master smoker of Tsar Nikolaj 2 of Russia. The architecture of this oven scrupulously follows that of the ovens of the Great Russia of yesteryear. Still in use today, this antique oven is used to create the Tsar No 1 Fillet limited and numbered edition! Everything used in this smoking process is unique : the wood is selected, stored, dried and assembled following a secret recipe; the inner container is placed next to the smoking chamber; the smoking chamber is designed so that each salmon fillet is identically exposed to its delicate and subtle blue smoke ; in addition, the temperature of the smoke is secret and constant. Meteorology has a significant influence on the entire smoking process; atmospheric pressure and hydrometry determine the smoking parameters.Our master smoker then selects the most suitable moment to start smoking the Tsar Nikolaj No 1 Fillet. We are guided by experience and driven by passion! Both Balik Farm and Caviar House & Prunier, insist on the exceptional quality and rigorous selection of Salmo Salar salmon for the Tsar Nikolaj No 1 Fillet. The “chosen” salmon comes from the icy waters of the Northern Norwegian fjords. With the same quality requirements as that of Israel Kaplan, Balik rigorously selects its salmon so as to produce firmness at the first bite with a guaranteed melt-in-the-mouth quality. Water is an important factor in the manufacturing process of the Tsar Nikolaj No 1 Fillet ; it comes from our own spring and its extreme purity with extraordinary mineral richness is very unusual. After very careful smoking, the salmon is trimmed in such a way that only its finest part, the dorsal section, is retained to make the Tsar Nikolaj No 1 Fillet. Exceptionally delicate, with an intense orangey pink colour and an unrivalled melt-in-the-mouth quality, this masterpiece fully deserves the sumptuous presentation box which protects and enhances it. This, like the entire Balik philosophy, helps to create what some people refer to as “the best smoked salmon in the world”. If any smokery of salmon has ever shaken the world of smoked salmon it is without doubt the Balik Smokery in the Swiss Alps. Introducing for the first time ever in 1978 the Fillet of smoked salmon (Fillet Tsar Nicolaj) Balik introduced to the world a complete new manner of Salmon consumption and preparation originating from a 150 year old recipe used by the Imperial court of Russia. 25 steps constitute the unique Know-How to produce the original Balik Salmon, which also constitutes on of the best-guarded secrets within our company. We can therefore with great ease claim that the over 300 copies of our products we have identified does not even come close to the original in terms of flavor, color and substance.

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