Chateau Virant 500 ml

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first cold pressure

Chateau Virant 500 ml

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Most of our olive trees are Salonenque and Aglandau olive trees. They are typical to our area. They give oils of exception. Olives are triturated in a traditional mill, meeting standards HACCP, with an ecological process of extraction. So doing, these olives will give you Extra Unrefined olive oils which will shine upon all your meals. Quality of the wines and of the olive oils starts in the plantations, where the reasoned we use environment friendly techniques to protect our vineyard and our olive trees. Harvesting The harvest of olives in Boûches of the Rhone usually takes place in November and December. It is a long and delicate work. It is carried out with combs which make it possible to pick up olives off the trees. Nets are spread at the feet of the olive-trees to collect the fruits. Olives are then conditioned in cases and carried to the mill. Leaves will first be taken off. The fruits are then washed to take away the small pebbles and pieces of wood that were gathered with the olives. Olives are composed of 60% of water (that is called margine), 20% of solid substances (called grignons) such as the stone and the skin, and of course of 20% olive oil. Olive grinding Olives are ground by grinding stones or stone hammer. The paste obtained, composed of pulp and cores, is then mixed in order to release the oil molecules as well as the flavors. Then the paste passes in an ecological decanter (without any water addition), which separates oil from the solid substances and the margines. The latter are evacuated. They will be used as natural fertilizers. Then, oil passes in a centrifugal machine which definitively separates the olive oil from the some bourbes still present. The olive oil thus obtained results from the first cold pressure. It is a pure fruit juice, 100% natural. This process of extraction is done without any heating and called cold extraction. An high quality product... Our olive oil are classified «extra unrefined». They have a perfect taste a low acidity rate (not exceeding 1%) and a peroxide rate not exceeding 20.

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