Hediard Jams (coming back in December)

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Hediard Fine French Jam - Red Currant - Groseille - 13.2oz.
The redcurrants jelly is an ideal greediness for breakfast and snack. It also accompanies goat or ewe cheeses and roasted games. This jelly is a candy of fruits cooked with some sugar. Redcurrants picked in maturity offer you a perfumed jam which will enjoy children and adults.
The scent of summer and slight acidity make this ideal on toast, spread on a cake or nestling inside a teatime crepe.
Cette petite prune verte, charnue et savoureuse fait de cette confiture un véritable délice qui se déguste au petit déjeuner ou à l'heure du thé.La Reine-Claude se marie aussi très bien avec les viandes blanches.
Hediard Fine French Jam , Jelly - Red Currant Raspberry - Groseille Framboise - 13.2oz.
The delicately acidic taste of redcurrant mixes well with the more insistent raspberry, creating a delightful partnership for breakfast toast or teatime pancake.
Perfumes of the summer, flavours of the South: soft apricot, crisp almond. An inspired alliteration.

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"Quality, Reliability and Tradition".

Hediard Jams  (coming back in December)

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The man The story of Hédiard begins with a man named Ferdinand Hédiard, who since the middle of the 19th century was a forerunner in the discovery of exotic products for the Parisian market, after coming across them in Le Havre harbour where he went as a companion of the Tour de France. The grocer Selling delicatessen foods (jams, spices, vinegars, oils, condiments, mustards, biscuits, tea, coffee, etc.) is still one of HEDIARD's major activities today. The Company strives to preserve that vocation while maintaining its traditional production methods. Each of HEDIARD's 6,000 products symbolizes "Quality, Reliability and Tradition". The heritage In 2007, HEDIARD was awarded the certification of "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (living heritage company) by Renaud Dutreil, French Minister for Small and Medium-size Businesses. This new official certification aims to promote the development of businesses with "an economic heritage consisting in particular in rare, renowned or ancestral know-how, resting on the merit of traditional techniques." This certification is also aimed at fostering recognition of the brand both domestically and internationally, while promoting its growth and innovation capacity."

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