Tsar Nikolaj

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Balik Tsar Nikolaj 4 two 330 gr 11.64 oz
Tsar Nikolaj 4 two 330 gr 11.64 oz
Balik Tsar Nikolaj 500gr
Tsar Nikolaj 500 gr 17.64 oz
Balik Tsar Nikolaj PREMIER 500 gr -17.64 oz . For me ,in the 5 best food product in the world . An inoubliable experience .
The best smoked salmon ever made.

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This incomparable delight was a favourite of Tsar Nikolaj.

Tsar Nikolaj

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Careful preparation of the exquisite salmon fillet acknowledged as a culinary masterpiece as far back as 1984 is reviving a tradition from the Court of the Russian Tsars. For special occasions only the very best will do. The entire side of salmon is lightly smoked using the Balik method. Thorough trimming makes every gram of Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj an indulgence! To prepare for serving, cut the Tsar Nikolaj fillet vertically into approximately 1 cm thick medallions. This provides delicious petals of salmon, which can be beautifully decorated and taste out of this world. This incomparable delight was a favourite of the Tsar. The art of Balik smoking creates a texture of mouthwatering tenderness in the salmon’s dorsal fillet. Surely the finest smoked salmon in the world !If any smokery of salmon has ever shaken the world of smoked salmon it is without doubt the Balik Smokery in the Swiss Alps. Introducing for the first time ever in 1978 the Fillet of smoked salmon (Fillet Tsar Nicolaj) Balik introduced to the world a complete new manner of Salmon consumption and preparation originating from a 150 year old recipe used by the Imperial court of Russia. 25 steps constitute the unique Know-How to produce the original Balik Salmon, which also constitutes on of the best-guarded secrets within our company. We can therefore with great ease claim that the over 300 copies of our products we have identified does not even come close to the original in terms of flavor, color and substance.

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